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'Animal Farm' by George Orwell

Adaptation by Peter Hall

Music by Richard Peaslee

At the British Council School in Madrid

9-11th January

Four legs good, two legs bad...

A revolution is brewing amongst the animals of Manor Farm. For too long they have lived a life of slavery, forced to work and, when deemed too old, sent to the slaughterhouse by the oppressive hand of man. It is time for a change, but how?

Barricade Arts is thrilled to be working with the British Council School to bring a production of Orwell's iconic novel to Madrid. A stylised piece with a small cast, this production has heavy influences from Brecht and Berkoff, exploring the nature of labour and questioning the dichotomy of human and animal identity. 

Using physical theatre and chorus work, various tools of human labour will be transformed by the animals into different parts of the farm. Integrating this with live music and immersive sound design, this sets the scene for an exciting and contemporary version of 'Animal Farm',


Marcus Knight-Adams - Napoleon/Mr Jones/Chorus

Harry Lukakis - Snowball/Benjamin/Mr Whymper/Chorus

Georgina Botham - Squealer/Mr Pilkington/Chorus

Emelye Moulton - Old Major/Mollie/Minimus/Chorus

Georgia Figgis - Muriel/Clover/Chorus

Jonny Danciger - Boxer/Chorus

Hannah Marsters - Cat/Chorus

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