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London OSO: 20-24th September (Q&A 22nd)

Oxford Keble O'Reilly: 11-16th October


"What's it going to be then, eh?"

Meet Alex, leader of this particular gang of vengeful droogs and lifelong admirer of Ludwig Van Beethoven. The gang's drug-fueled nighttime activities reach a peak as Alex accidentally murders an old woman. Abandoned by his friends and alone in the world, he embarks on a tragic adventure, becoming a pawn in a game far greater than he ever perceived.

If you think you know what to expect, guess again. Our second theatrical production is centred around the psychological manipulation of the audience through a combination of traditional drama with alternative theatrical techniques. Look forward to seeing a fresh and provocative take on Burgess' classic novel.






Gerard Krasnopolski

Natalie Woodward

Marcus Knight-Adams

Christian Amos

Cameron Spain

Finlay Stroud

Will Spence

Zoe Firth

Thomas Lodge

Hannah Marsters

Annie Hayter

Georgie Murphy

Jack Trzcinski



Jonny Danciger

John Paul

Amelia Brown

Jack Bradfield

Molly Clapperton

Charles Pidgeon

Ariana Kalliga

Katrin Padel

Chris Burr

Marcus Knight-Adams

Georgia Bevan

Henrietta Hammant

Sarah Wright

Mischa Andreski

Catriona Bolt

Anushka Chakravarti

Ellie Siora

Ella Baron





Assistant Directors

Assistant Producers

Set Design

Lighting Design

Costume Design

Stage Manager

Marketing Managers

Marketing Assistants


Glorious Ninth - Ludwig Van
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"Excellent - A brave and worthwhile production of a classic story"

Everything Theatre


"Striking balletic finesse - a nightmarish trip that will get the brain ticking and the senses tingling"

London Theatre 1


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