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Illuminated is a contemporary dance and light production from Quicksandance (Ten Duets on a Theme of Proximity, BT Studio MT 15). Through dynamic and engaging choreography the production explores character relationships and narratives between the dancers in 10 interconnected pieces, as they interact in and with the myriad light forms.

Barricade Arts is thrilled to be working with Quicksandance to create a number of original tracks for the show, specially spatialised for the O'Reilly theatre in an octophonic setup. Stereo versions of these tracks will be available on a number of music platforms following the first performance.


Illuminated aims to create an immersive and visually captivating experience synthesizing technology and dance to bring something truly unique and enchanting to the Oxford stage

20% of all ticket sales will be donated to Parkinson's UK in support of their work and research into dance therapy.

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