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Welcome to the Asylum of Charenton! We warmly invite to you feast your eyes on the marvellous work of the notorious Marquis Madame de Sade. In a show never performed in France before, we will see the persecution and death of Jean Paul Marat as performed by our inmates here at Charenton. Prepare yourself for patients who will show an extravaganza unlike anything you've previously experienced...

The company behind Mercury Fur and A Clockwork Orange return to the O'Reilly with Weiss' celebrated play in an innovative production utilising physical theatre, music and chorus techniques. Prepare to enter the unsettling and captivating world of Charenton Asylum. 

Barricade Arts presents "Marat/Sade" by Peter Weiss
Music by Richard Peaslee
Keble O'Reilly Theatre - Entrance on Blackhall Rd
Tickets: £7/10


Marat - Joseph Stephenson
Sade - Elizabeth Mobed
Coulmier - Finlay Stroud
Corday - Emily Albery
Duperret - Bethany Evans
Simonne - Mil Coen
Kokol - Matt Roberts
Polpoch - Megan Thresh
Cucurucu - Georgina Botham
Rossignol - El Blackwood


Director - Marcus Knight-Adams

Musical Director - Alex Butt

Producer - Jonny Danciger

Assistant Producer - Ellie Renfrew

Executive Producer - John Paul

Production Design/Graphics - Rebecca Marks

Costume Design - Franciska Csongrady

Stage Manager - Christopher Goring

Marketing Manager - Anushka Chakravarti

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