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A Man and a Woman interweave violent sexual fantasies and wild supernatural imaginings with the most delicate of memories as they recount their first meeting at a sad, magical party. Tender Napalm deals with power dynamics, the niggles of relationships, and the rise and fall of passion. The familiarity of the pair’s love story plays out against an apocalyptic backdrop, Ridley’s linguistic mastery showcased in a whirlwind of conflicting visions that never quite yield to a single place. Ghosts, dildos and sea monsters rapidly succeed each other in a kaleidoscopic outpouring as monologues bleed into bright, snappy, gunshot dialogue. The play is cyclical; by its close, we have reached its beginning.

One year on from their debut theatrical production, Barricade Arts return to the Michael Pilch Studio and the beautifully twisted world of Philip Ridley. Don’t miss this intimate, engaging, and rarely performed work, a poignant collage of love and death, fantasy and realism, beauty and terror, dreams and nightmares. An experienced team will bring the Pilch to life in 6th week as you’ve never seen it before.

Man: James Walsh

Woman: Hannah Marsters

Director: Catriona Bolt

Producer: John Paul    

Movement: Daisy Porter

Assistant Producer: Amelia Gabriel

Sound: Jonny Danciger

Graphics: Mischa Andreski

Praise for A Clockwork Orange:

a nightmarish trip that will get the brain ticking and the senses tingling.” Londontheatre1

Praise for Mercury Fur:

“utterly compelling” Oxford Student

“Startlingly, wonderfully intense” Cherwell

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