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Oxford Playhouse, 8th-11th November

Music by Leonard BernStein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

About Candide

Why Candide?

A well loved work appealing to many spheres; the musical theatre and opera worlds, the academics and armchair philosophers, families and schools – Candide is a show that is sure to resonate with a modern audience.

In these times of Brexit and Trump, with everything seeming to be on the verge of disaster, we need Candide to teach teaches us that it is alright to laugh at out own misfortune, and that we should take any setbacks in our stride.

What is it all about?

In the fairy-tale town of Thunder-ten-Tronck, Candide is taught that all is for the best. However, after being cast out into the harsh realities of the world, our hero is exposed to a comic array of injustice and misfortune, calling into question his optimistic philosophy.


Based on the famous work by Voltaire, this Grammy award-winning musical from Leonard Bernstein, with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, brings the satire to life.


Inspired by Monty Python, this playful production journeys across the globe with Candide, enjoying the absurd contrasts between the bright musical style and farcically tragic chain of events.

Who are Barricade Arts Ltd?

We are a production company dedicated to creating and developing experimental, high quality performance-based art.


Despite most members being current students, Barricade Arts are an up and coming production company in the professional world, and will be working with the British Council in January to take a production of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ to Madrid

Barricade Arts Ltd take pride in cultivating works that cross the boundaries between forms, presenting an original and organic final product.


So who better to bring the wonderfully absurd world of Candide to life?

A playful approach towards its philosophical themes, drawing contrasts between the bright musical styles and innumerable calamities

Tickets for Candide are available from £10 to £20 from the Ticket Office on 01865 305305 or online at

We are proud to present our production of 'Candide' as part of the worldwide celebrations of Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday. More information is available here.

Rehearsal Photos

Utterly compelling [...] This production is a shockingly good piece of drama. A superbly directed piece with a great ensemble cast. It certainly made me think.

The Oxford Student

Reviewing 'Mercury Fur'

Every aspect of the production is exceptional. The cast and crew are both excellent, and the immersive nature of the piece means audience members are engaged throughout in an intense yet fulfilling performance that stays with you long after you leave the auditorium.


Reviewing 'Marat Sade'

Excellent. A brave and worthwhile production of a classic story, given new life by this youthful and energetic team.

Everything Theatre

Reviewing 'A Clockwork Orange'

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Critical Reception
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