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A year in the making

It's been a while since you've heard from us at Barricade Arts - after the success of A Clockwork Orange in both London and Oxford we have been planning our next steps, where to take the company as we grow in size and scope. Rehearsals are well underway for our next two shows, and we have also been expanding our musical endeavours. Allow me to bring you up to date.

Already this term we have had Quicksandance's Illuminated at the O'Reilly, with sound from Barricade Arts duo Jonny Danciger and Vaunce Day. It was an incredible show, the cohesion between movement, sound and light so tight as to trick the eye or ear. It was also an incredible technical achievement from Jonny and Chris Burr (Lights), the show's cues running automatically through its seventy minutes without the need for human interference. Original tracks from the show have been released on iTunes, Spotify, Google, and Amazon. We look forward to what Quicksandance have in store for the future.

This term is particularly exciting for Barricade as we welcome two new directors to the fold. Our debut production of Philip Ridley's Mercury Fur will always be special for us, and so it is with great pleasure that we announce our return to his beautifully twisted world with two-hander Tender Napalm, back in the Pilch in 6th week, exactly one year on from Mercury Fur's opening night. Many thanks to the Pilch's programming team for allowing us this indulgence! It's going to be a special show with an incredibly strong cast and a set concept that no one will be expecting - but more of that at a later date. The wonderful Catriona Bolt will be bringing the show to life as Director and Set Designer, and we cannot wait to share more about this show - it really is Ridley at his best. Tickets are now on sale here.

Also, long-term Theatrical Supervisor, costume aficionado and all-round gent Marcus Knight-Adams will be directing our second production of the term, Peter Weiss' ​​groundbreaking Marat/Sade (long title shown in the

poster) at the O'Reilly in 7th week. This show will embrace the surreal and the abstract, and see Artaud and clowning interact in ways never imagined by either style. The O'Reilly will be transformed into a prison as the inmates prepare for a performance unlike any other. This show will both shock and educate, and with a fantastic ensemble cast will delight in bringing the sadistic and strange to you in 7th week.

Our blog will also be brought back to life - expect regular updates, photos, and happenings from these shows, as well as hints to what we'll be planning in the future!

Until then.

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